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Sierra Maestra are the guardians of Cuban son music tradition. Sierra Maestra preserved this infectious dance music and have gone on to be its finest performers. Always popular with dancers as well as listeners, Sierra Maestra have played at clubs and festivals around the world to huge acclaim.



Sierra Maestra have played a hugely significant part in the recent global explosion in the popularity of Cuban music. Indeed, their ex-leader, Juan De Marcos González was the man who created Buena Vista Social Club while still with the band. Sierra Maestra have been stars of Cuban music ever since the late 1970s.

They were the first group, and remain the best, of the modern era to play in the old-style son line-up: tres, guitar, trumpet, bongo, güiro and vocals - as during the great days of the 1920s and ‘30s. They have been the pioneers in reviving, and now redefining this style for new generations and reintroducing it into the Cuban mainstream.

They named themselves after the mountain range in the eastern part of Cuba as a tribute to the birthplace of son. Their hugely infectious dance music has wowed audiences at clubs and festivals and around the world and they never fail to get crowds up on their feet and dancing.


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  • ‘…the band burst into a blaze of song that brought the pavilion crowd to its feet … They soon had the joyous audience stamping and shaking and pulsating towards the stage, forgetting the bleak rainy night outside, just trying to get as close as possible to this source of amazing heat.’
    Bath Chronicle
  • ‘From the third number to the encore, the floor was filled … an infinite variety of complex structures inspired the regiment of twinkle toed prancers.’
    The Glasgow Herald
  • ‘Their sheer energy made them sound quite unlike traditional revivalists. Sierra Maestra may be veteran ambassadors of the Castro era but they evoke the glamour associated with Havana in the forties and fifties.'
    The Guardian
  • 'Some music is instant, immediately making the world a better place as soon as it flows from the speakers ... A more fulfilling and enlivening album this, or any other year, would be hard to find.' (5 stars)
    Daily Mirror (album review Sonando Ya)
  • ’Master musicians, the band swap smiles of appreciation for each others solos in performances built around musical conversations. Th is deceptively unpretentious performance was packed with musical thrills.’
    London Evening Standard
  • 'The album is precisely performed, the rhythms rock solid, the horns dovetailing with the piano riffs.' (3 stars)
    Financial Times (album review Sonando Ya)
  • 'A band who can shrug off personnel upheavals and the vagaries of music fashion to keep developing while holding steadfastly to the traditions and values that drove them in the first place is either lucky or shrewd. Sierra Maestra may just be both.'
    BBC Music

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World Village
Released: 2010

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Riverboat / World Music Network
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Riverboat / World Music Network
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