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Omara Portuondo

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Omara Portuondo, the First Lady of the Buena Vista Social Club has played with greats such as Nat King Cole. Her 2008 album, “Gracias”, celebrated an amazing sixty year career in music.

This intimate tour from a universal presence: One Last Kiss, is the return of Cuba’s leading lady, accompanied by some of her closest friends.

“I like the smell of damp soil, I like the smell of the countryside,” says Omara Portuondo. Join us in welcoming the return of the original Cuban diva to the stage, presenting a multitude of songs that span a career longer than half a century.

The Queen of Tropicana, the voice of D’Aida, the diva of the Buena Vista Social Club® wants to sing to her beloved land on this, her tour “Omara Es Cuba – One Last Kiss”.

This is Omara, this is her black magic, the wonderful virtue of making humility a charm, of turning a simple cloth into a fine suit, of making a song a unique classic. Through her voice you can experience Adiós, Y Deja, Llanto de Luna, Noche Cubana, La Tierra del Son, Canción de un Festival, Veinte Años, Lágrimas Negras, Es Lo Que Me Queda Por Vivir, Son de la Madrugada, Guitarra en Son Mayor, Drume Negrita, Siboney … “All that I have left now are smiles, because I have erased the pain of my life”.

And with her humility, moving away from the cult of stardom, the intimate Omara can be found at the heart of this unique and special tour. No orchestra. No trombones, trumpets or saxophones. Just that time-honored constellation of piano, bass, drums and percussion. The virtuoso pianist Roberto Fonseca accompanies her and leads the musical proceedings, not just thanks to his talent on the keys but also due to her wish to find herself surrounded by her most trusted collaborators and friends.

This wish extends to the list of special guests who will join her on stage: these are partners, panas, carnales, aseres; and even some monina, as they say in the Cuban countryside to the closest of friends.

“Omara Es Cuba”, without a doubt. But she is also universal. Her name is synonymous with cubanía, ask anyone in the know from Alaska to Hong Kong.

This tour represents a unique opportunity to observe a living legend. Her hands are in constant motion, using them to highlight the feelings that her voice expresses, giving away that her artistic career in fact started in dance, not singing. And as for her facial expressions, she gestures, she is surprised, she is shocked, she smiles, because she was also an actress in the distant Havana of the 1950s.

But in the end it is always her voice. Close your eyes for a moment and listen to the rise and fall of her tones, the inflections, the vast vocal range inherited from the filin, a way of singing bolero mixed with blues.

And tying all this together is Omara’s inimitable combination of simplicity and mischief.

The tour “Omara Es Cuba – El Último Beso” centers around her finest musical work. Do not miss this unique opportunity to experience a legend without equal.


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  • “Even now, she is still experimenting, as shown by her jazz-tinged duet with Richard Bona, the bass player and percussionist from Cameroon or (best of all) her laid-back, gently swinging collaboration with that great Brazilian veteran Chico Buarque."
  • “ … gives a modern touch to nostalgia, creating a disc that will delight fans inside and outside Cuba.”