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Violinist, composer, arranger and producer Jacky Molard is a central figure in the music of Brittany over the last 3 decades. He has collaborated with numerous artists: Gwerz, Pennou Skoulm, Erik Marchand, Jacques Pellen Celtic Procession... For nearly a decade he has led the Jacky Molard Acoustic Quartet, a quartet in his own image, driven by the fusion of Breton, Irish, and Balkan with modal, harmonic and collective improvisation.

Today with N'DIALE, Breton themes subtly entangle themselves with Bambara singing. This project emerged from a trip to Mali where Jacky's quartet met radiant singer Founé Diarra and her trio. Not just an encounter, an adventure which creates the multiple meanings of N'DIALE : sharing, alchemy, the pleasure of being together. Rhythms overlap, pentatonic flirts with diatonic and a new musical language takes shape. All enhanced by the joyful improvisational approach of Jacky’s quartet. 

On stage, the septet's performance is an invitation to escapism. Jacky Molard, Founé Diarra (vocal), Yannick Jory (sax), Hélène Labarrière (double bass), Janick Martin (accordion), Kassim Sidibe (kameln’goni), Alhassane Sissoko (percussion) welcome the world, the whole world.

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  • The radiant Foune Diarra will surely be one of Mali’s next stars. Possessing a voice that’s powerful yet as sinuous as the slight frame that betrays her past as a dancer with the Malian Ballet, she dazzles and seduces with a mixture of supple soulful charm and rousing declamation worthy of an Oumou Sangare or an Amy Sacko.
    Ian Anderson, fROOTS

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Released: 2010